Brand Managers are hired to be the “face of a brand” to the consumer, while expanding relationships sales. Brand Managers build relationships with key accounts, visibility, availability, and acceptability of our clients brands, while increasing sales and building brand loyalty through traditional and nontraditional methods.

Through consistent targeted account calls and visits our Brand Managers use special techniques to increase valued loyalty in the product. Our Brand Management system allows you to have 24hour access to daily and weekly reports. We will custom develop a management system that works for you and your brand’s needs.



US Event Management’s Brand Activation Managers coordinate and manage your brands Promotions and activations and acts as the face of your brand.


Our Market Managers can help maximize your time by maintaining relationships and increasing sales within your top accounts in your specified market.


Our Brand specialists are dedicated to your brands sales, relationships and promotions.

Brand Activation Managers

Human connection is key to building any relationship, whether it’s with a business partner or a new customer. Brand activation managers coordinate and manage promotions and activations. They serve as the face of your brand, interacting with key customers and establishing relationships that will strengthen brand loyalty. Effective brand activation managers know how to get product samplings, in-store marketing, sponsorships and other events to fall in line with your vision. They want to tap into your customers’ passion for your products to build connections. In person experience events are one of the best ways to do this and a key component of event management services.

Market Managers

Market managers are creative people who can think on their feet. While there will be plenty of times you put your brand out there intentionally, there will also be “unplanned images,” times when people are exposed to your brand without your control. A “planned image” includes advertisements and events, while “unplanned images” range from outside mentions of your company to a company representative misspeaking in public. All of these situations call for creative, fast-thinking market managers who can respond in the moment. Market managers know how to deal with both positive and negative impressions of your brand in a way that maintains your image with the public. Because of their close attention to public sentiment, market managers are also great at testing out new products and ideas to see how customers respond. Their research, insight and quick thinking is invaluable for event management, where “unplanned images” and organic encounters with customers frequently occur.

Brand Specialists

Brand specialists are similar to market managers in many ways, but with a more analytical approach. In the overall architecture of event management services, brand specialists will look at data in your target city and be able to tell you how big your customer base is and how to connect with customers there. Brand specialists are data driven; they look at trends among customers and in the market to build up a customer network. They also track and analyze statistics about things like products and purchasing in order to become experts on your brand. The goal of a brand specialist in event management services is to connect with your customers to generate continuing business for you.

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