Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing is an interactive, ground level approach to connect with your consumers on their turf. US Event Management selects Street Teams that will effectively convey your brand message by proactively engaging with you consumers-generating costumer satisfaction and loyalty. Our experienced Street Teams will target and engage consumers creating a one of a kind, face-to-face experience. One on one consumer engagement is an extremely effective way for your brand to create consumer awareness, boost sales and differentiate your brand from competitors. This type of marketing will multiply and create buzz to reinforce the overall memory in the consumers mind.


Grass Roots

Our Grass Roots teams connect with your consumers on their turf.

Street Teams

Our street teams convey your brand message engaging with your consumers and potential consumers face to face.

Guerilla Marketing

US Event Management’s Guerilla Marketing Teams bring energy and imagination to your Guerilla Marketing project.

Flash Mob

Generate Buzz and excitement with your very own Flash Mob team.

Flyer Distribution

US Event Management has staff to help with any project big or small.

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