Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing is an interactive, ground level approach to connect with your consumers on their turf. US Event Management selects Street Teams that will effectively convey your brand message by proactively engaging with you consumers-generating costumer satisfaction and loyalty. Our experienced Street Teams will target and engage consumers creating a one of a kind, face-to-face experience. One on one consumer engagement is an extremely effective way for your brand to create consumer awareness, boost sales and differentiate your brand from competitors. This type of marketing will multiply and create buzz to reinforce the overall memory in the consumers mind.



Our Grass Roots teams connect with your consumers on their turf.


Our street teams convey your brand message engaging with your consumers and potential consumers face to face.


US Event Management’s Guerilla Marketing Teams bring energy and imagination to your Guerilla Marketing project.


Generate Buzz and excitement with your very own Flash Mob team.


US Event Management has staff to help with any project big or small.


The heart of grassroots campaigns is meeting customers on their turf and in small groups. This often low-cost form of advertising is also referred to as guerrilla marketing. You aren’t trying to wow massive crowds or impress experts at a trade show in a grassroots campaign. Rather, the goal of these event management services is to meet people where they live, work and play. It’s essential in these campaigns to be natural, human and personable. That requires event staff and event managers who really understand your brand and audience. The risk of grassroots campaigns is that the slightest whiff of anything fake or forced will come through to consumers, who will be put off and leave with a bad impression. Focus on strategies that work specifically for your audience and use event staff and managers who know them and your brand as well as you do to create an authentic impression that will linger with customers.

Street Teams

Sending brand representatives and ambassadors out onto the street for promotions can be a great way to advertise for your products and services. But street teams take special event management services that can organize and account for people who are on the move and interacting moment-to-moment with strangers. Street teams go out into targeted areas to meet your customers face to face and talk about your brand. These teams need to be managed and coordinated so they don’t overlap or duplicate efforts – or get lost. Positioning street teams in the right place at the right time is critical to their success in reaching the types of consumers you want to attract. Often, these teams bring an element of entertainment with them, whether that be music, a funny sales pitch or even promotional models.


Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is very similar to grassroots marketing. Both try to reach customers on the street with in person pitches. Guerilla marketing is low-budget and creative, which makes it great for people who can’t spend lavishly on an advertising campaign.


Flash Mobs

You’ve probably heard of a flash mob before, but have you ever considered integrating one as part of an overall event management strategy? Flash mobs take the mundane and make it extraordinary with bizarre stunts in public places. The impact of a flash mob can reach far beyond the time and place it is staged as well, as they are often filmed by confused and curious passersby who post the videos on social media.

Flyer Distribution

One of the classic forms of guerrilla marketing or grassroots campaigns is flyer distribution. Flyers are simple, small and easy to hand out. They can easily be included with other strategies like flash mobs and street teams, or even with larger events. Flyers give customers a concise and simple overview of who you are and what you do that they can muse over in their own time.

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