Event Staff/Consumer Sampling

US Event Management executes turn-key national and local sampling programs that partner with consumer focused companies providing brand trained promotional staff in order to maximize the brand’s marketing dollars and ROI.

Once a campaign strategy is determined, US Event Management will build your program with the promotional staff who best suits the brand’s personality. They will be able to deliver your message in a friendly, accurate and professional way and set your brand up for success.

We hand select event staff from our vast database, which we update on a daily basis. Our goal is to position a personalized, knowledgeable team that can prioritize your program essentials and make a lasting impression with your customers.

We hold our talent to high standards by constantly filtering our database and re-evaluating our event staff. It is important to us to provide recognition and preference for staff who provide the utmost excellence. We regularly monitor, track and assess performance on both an individual and team basis for highly effective event staff collaborations.

Why Hire Event Staff?

Not sure if you need event staff or what kind of event staff you might need? That’s no problem – we’d love to help!

Take a look at the types of event staff we can offer, then contact us to set up your event. Our staff will be tailored to your specific event and brand. The professional, knowledgeable event staff we can offer will ensure your brand makes an impression. Whether your event is a booth at a massive trade show or one-on-one street marketing, we have the right event staff to suit your needs.

And if you aren’t sure what kind of staffing to use for your event, our event managers can work with you to determine a strategy tailored to your needs. Whatever you ultimately decide, our top tier talent will represent you professionally and accurately at any event.

Event Staff


We have a large database of experienced Promotional Models with all types of looks so that you can select the look that best fits your brand image.


Our Food & Beverage staff are licensed and experienced in the Food & Beverage industry.


US Event Management has a large database of experienced Brand Ambassadors for all of your event needs.


Our experienced Trade Show Models are hand selected to fit your brand’s needs.


US Event Management has a team of experienced costume characters and Mascots for your big event.


US Event Management hand selects from a variety of Ring Girls that best fit your event needs.


Our energetic and friendly Hosts and Hostesses can fill in the gaps and handle multiple tasks at your next event.

Promotional Models

Promotional models get people talking. They interact with and charm crowds to get them talking about your brand. At US Event Management, we have a large database of experienced promotional models with all types of looks so you can select the model that best fits your brand’s image.

Promotional models do a lot more than just bring a look for your brand, though. They can attract a crowd, bringing customers to your booth and making you stand out in a crowded event hall or convention. Other brands might get lost in the shuffle and overlooked, but yours won’t when you bring in on-brand promotional models who can greet customers and provide a flashy first impression.

Promotional models can also help with interacting with customers and explaining your brand to them. They might pass out flyers or other promotional goods with your name and logo on them. Customers are deeply affected by personal interactions and positive interactions with promotional models can leave your customers with a lingering affinity for your brand. In addition to attracting attention, promotional models can handle customer feedback, answer questions, hand out products and provide general information on your products and services.

Food & Beverage Demo Staff

Food and beverage demos take coordination and planning to do right. Food and beverage demo staff can help with that, along with managing the demo during the event.

Food and drink can attract a lot of customers, even those who are not familiar with your brand or products. This kind of demo is therefore effective even when your brand is not specifically focused on food or beverages. Branded food and beverages can help promote your brand no matter what it is. But you’ll need the right staff at the event handling distribution, crowds and the food and beverages themselves. This could include cooking or preparing the food, or simply making sure it is distributed properly.

Food and beverage staff sometimes need to be a bit more specialized than other event staff. They need to know about the product they’re distributing, as well as about your brand and products. Sometimes these are one and the same, but not always. Especially if your brand is focused on food or beverages, customers could have highly detailed questions about your offerings that these staff members need to be trained to answer. It’s no good handing out samples of your products if you can’t also talk about those products – luckily, our skilled staff can learn the ins and outs of your product and handle all customer feedback.

Coordination is also key when it comes to an event that includes food or beverages. Demo staff can not take on this task alone, but our event management staff can help take care of logistics including scheduling and supplies. Our demo staff will be able to solve problems on the go and answer any questions customers might have about the food and beverages. They can serve customers professionally and ensure things run smoothly during this type of demo.

Brand Ambassadors

US Event Management has an extensive database of brand ambassadors ready to talk about you and your products or services. Brand ambassadors are perfect for just about any event. They’re eager to get the word out about your offerings, whether that be through handing out flyers, talking to customers or staffing a large event like a conference or trade show.

Our brand managers know what it takes to promote via word of mouth marketing. They’re outgoing and warm and can impress your customers with authentic, one-on-one interactions that go beyond simple marketing. It’s about so much more than just making a pitch. A good brand ambassador knows that leadership and professionalism can guide an interaction toward success.

At US Event Management, we seek talented brand ambassadors who know how to grow relationships between customers and brands. Highly knowledgeable, they understand how to promote and inform while still being genuine, warm and authentic. Our brand managers can respond to customer feedback and answer any questions that come their way. If you want to make a strong impression and build relationships with customers that will last, you need to start with brand ambassadors that can promote your brand the right way.


Trade Show Models

Are you planning to go to a trade show, large conference or convention? You may need trade show models in order to promote effectively during these events. Our trade show models are experienced in working at large events such as these. They know what it takes to engage customers in a meaningful way in an otherwise loud and chaotic environment. It’s all about grabbing and holding attention and our trade show models are experts at doing just that.

While promotional models may do other types of campaigns, trade show models are specialists at dealing with trade shows and large events in particular. They understand how to appeal to a crowd and bring a flow of business to your booth. They often spend their time at the forefront of your booth, promoting products, greeting customers and drawing a crowd. Our database of trade show models are friendly, outgoing and professional. We have the perfect model for any brand or look and they’re all eager to interact with your customers.

Sometimes, trade show models can also do product demos. This is great for showcasing your products right in front of your customers. What better way to show people exactly what you have to offer? Our trade show models can not only demonstrate products live on the trade show floor, but also take customer feedback and answer questions.


Costumed Characters

If you have a mascot or character associated with your brand, consider hiring one of our costumed character event staff for your promotion. Nothing draws attention quite like a costumed character. You will definitely turn heads and bring in a crowd when you work with our talented characters to bring a mascot to life at your event.

Costumed characters are not appropriate for all events, but can often make you stand out from competitors. Mascots and characters can hand out flyers and promotional materials, as well as pose for pictures with fans, customers and curious onlookers. Our character actors know how to draw a crowd and bring attention to your brand. Whether you already have a mascot or want to bring in a character just for a day, our database of costumed character models will make sure you make a splash at your event.

Characters often work best at events such as trade shows and conventions, but can also be part of a street team that is handing out materials to passersby. Understand any limits the model may have due to the costume (if they are wearing a helmet it may be difficult for them to speak to customers) and staff appropriately to support them. Event and program managers, as well as other brand managers, can work side-by-side with characters to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Ring Girls

Do you need a model for a sporting event? A ring girl may be the right event staff to hire. These talented models know how to work in a boxing ring, at an MMA fight and at other sporting events. Sometimes they’ll carry cards or represent a brand by wearing their logo in the ring.

Ring girls can gain a following of their own, becoming popular with crowds at these events. They may be treated like celebrities in their own rights by adoring crowds. A top tier ring girl generates excitement in the ring that makes crowds want to stop and notice. Therefore, any advertising a ring girl does for a brand can be incredibly impactful, reaching a crowd that views her as a celebrity.

If you are planning an event at a ring or sporting event, consider bringing on a ring girl to get your brand noticed during the event. Even if your brand is not related to the sport, it can be worthwhile to put your products and services in front of sports fans. A ring girl can put your brand front and center for a huge crowd.


Hosts & Hostesses

Hosts and hostesses can round out your event staff. We’ll search our massive database of event staff to find hosts and hostesses that work for your event. They’ll greet customers, making sure customers get the information or materials they’re looking for. Without a host or hostess, customers may get lost in the shuffle, confused or left behind. Our talented staff can make sure each and every customer gets personally addressed. This not only gets them information about your products and services, but leaves a lasting positive impression.

Our hosts and hostesses are friendly and knowledgeable. They can answer questions about your brand and handle feedback customers may bring them. They’ll do more than just attract attention, though – they also help organize the rest of your exhibition, manage customers and keep things running smoothly. Don’t miss out on impressing new customers simply because they got lost in the shuffle.

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